The best project
you can work on is yourself xo.!!


It’s no coincidence that you are here, right now. If you were drawn to this Energy, and this site is for you, beautiful soul. The Healthy Soul Project is a project dedicated to supporting spiritual based business owners through education, community, and supportive self care objectives.

Whether you are a yoga teacher, massage therapist, energy healer, psychic, coach, entrepreneur, or any kind of archetypal healer, The Healthy Soul Project is the place for you to receive the Love, Care, Education and Support you need so you can find success in building your own spiritual brand.

The Healthy Soul Project has been created for all of the people that dedicate their lives to being of service to others; so that you can have the foundational support to continue the beautiful and amazing work that you do.

This is about supporting people that support people!

Meet Maxine Friend


For the last 10 years, Maxine has been dedicating her life and business towards empowering her clients, so they can trust their own intuitive guidance systems. Maxine serves a true global clientele, and has been featured in numerous podcasts, radio shows, magazine articles and television programs. Maxine’s deep rooted passion in serving others in their life’s journey has enabled her to create a very successful spiritual and coaching practice.


Maxine’s practice is infused with Love and High Vibrational intention for her clients highest good and healing. With a year and a half waiting list to see her, The Healthy Soul Project was born out of an incredible need to share her ever evolving knowledge on running a spiritual based business, and how to integrate the Support and Love you need in your own spiritual evolution.

Let Me Support You, Lovely Spirit!

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